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Chapter 449 – Bloodshed And Humiliation! salt ray
The guards’ head was so frightened that his sight stared woodenly and his jaw hung minimal. Could t.i.tled challenge family pet fighters be so small?
Chapter 449 Bloodshed and Humiliation!
How spectacular!
The fist shattered the sword lightweight!
Su Ping cast a ice cold glare at Ding Fengchun. He didn’t raise his fingers. On the other hand, the astral strength hands obtained slapped the previous master’s confront. He spat out some cracked tooth enamel. His head tilted a lot of that his neck almost shattered. The angry shouts and screams got to a stop. “Go to h.e.l.l!”
The guards’ leader checked tough and destructive. But he spotted Su Ping obtained continued to be unaffected. The indifference in Su Ping’s vision got be a little more evident and there seemed to be some contempt merged in.
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
The fist shattered the sword mild!
Su Ping switched approximately. A bellow came from the threshold as another person rushed in. “Everyone, end!”
How remarkable!
Fang Longshan, who was following a guards’ head and was approximately to reach, arrived at a sudden cease. Appalled, he stared for the blood flow and the bits of continues to be that were even now traveling by air about. A t.i.tled combat pet warrior ended up being destroyed within the blink of any eyes!
How spectacular!
The fist possessed crushed the strike!
Ding Fengchun belittled life and Su Ping excelled in that reverence.
The guards’ innovator appeared tough and malicious. But he noticed Su Ping obtained remained unaffected. The indifference in Su Ping’s view possessed become more noticeable where there seemed to be some contempt blended in.
An excellent silence prevailed!
The hands established from the astral capabilities pressed Ding Fengchun down to the ground.
How impressive!
Suddenly, there got a gust of blowing wind. The astral energy fingers was reduce into items by a sharp blade.
The fist shattered the sword gentle!
A wonderful silence prevailed!
The fist shattered the sword lightweight!
Bang! Ding Fengchun aimed to combat backside but the astral power hand forced him down a bit trickier. His knees curved and then he decreased to the ground. He knelt in front of Su Ping!
The guards converted light as the swimming pool of our blood leaped in their attractions.
A wonderful silence prevailed!
He was made to his knees!