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Chapter 2136 – Kill Hong Yifeng abrupt son
“Hong Yifeng, finally, we are here these days! I’ll destroy you!” Miao Jingjing wasted no time at all chatting with Hong Yifeng and rushed to invasion him at once.
Miao Jingjing heavily hit Hong Yifeng’s vitality middle, and it increased immediately after. His abilities to be a cultivator had been all messed up. His vitality heart was damaged, but he wasn’t dead nevertheless, so Miao Jingjing kept on beating him. She didn’t get rid of him instantly, and preferably tortured him slowly till he died.
Chapter 2136: Wipe out Hong Yifeng
“You’ll know soon,” reported Jing Yunyao, declining to share with him right now.
“You don’t have to know,” mentioned Jing Yunyao.
Miao Jingjing got you can forget about obsessions after consuming vengeance, but it surely didn’t mean she didn’t need to live.
Hong Yifeng was departed, but Miao Jingjing noticed it wasn’t enough. She didn’t prevent till Hong Yifeng’s entire body was shattered. Immediately after issuing her longer-repressed hatred, she laughed out excessive.
Hong Yifeng was deceased, but Miao Jingjing observed it wasn’t sufficient. She didn’t prevent till Hong Yifeng’s body was busted. Following delivering her very long-repressed hatred, she laughed out loud.
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When Miao Jingjing accomplished chuckling, Jing Yunyao stated that to her. She didn’t want to be a moistened quilt, but it really was anything they acquired arranged on.
“If you kill me, Tiandaozong won’t allow you to pull off it.” Hong Yifeng in danger, but it really was the reality.
In any case, to the nights-luminescent pearl, he could take a danger. Whether or not this was counterfeit, then he would turn down it. Jing Yunyao acquired no evidence all things considered.
In approximately 20 minutes, Miao Jingjing emerged.
“Yes, I used to be likely to accept i was the one who murdered Miao Jingjing and her man with this night-luminescent pearl, but this is the situation. I was indeed the one that wiped out them. Due to the fact a person has said, it can’t be completely wrong? You acquired from other individuals that it’s me instead of somebody else!” Given that Jing Yunyao got witnessed through him, he didn’t must disguise it and confessed it immediately.
Hong Yifeng was dead, but Miao Jingjing sensed it wasn’t plenty of. She didn’t end till Hong Yifeng’s entire body was damaged. Right after launching her lengthy-repressed hatred, she laughed out loud.
Currently, Hong Yifeng knew he got nowhere to emerge from.
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“Why have you refuse it really then?” Jing Yunyao expected.
“I observed your allergic reactions during our chat, so I don’t assume you had been dispatched here by them!” Hong Yifeng said. It was subsequently unattainable for him to become fully satisfied, but he still 50 % believed it.
In concern, Hong Yifeng began to fight against her. Nevertheless, there had been a big space between their concentrations, and Hong Yifeng was no fit for Jing Yunyao. He was regulated by her in seconds.
“You don’t have to know,” stated Jing Yunyao.
In anxiety, Hong Yifeng started to combat with her. Nevertheless, there seemed to be a large gap between their concentrations, and Hong Yifeng was no match up for Jing Yunyao. He was operated by her within minutes.
“I followed your reactions during our talk, therefore i don’t think you were delivered here by them!” Hong Yifeng claimed. It was subsequently not possible for him to generally be fully persuaded, but he still fifty percent presumed it.
“Ha-ha!” Jing Yunyao suddenly sneered, and revealed evident disdain. “It feels that my acting is fairly great. You almost assumed it.”
Jing Yunyao’s ideas instructed him anything, but he was amazed at her behaving. He was confused!
“Why do you turn down it just then?” Jing Yunyao inquired.
Even if Hong Yifeng was remorseful, with no proof, Jing Yunyao could be penalized if she wiped out him right now.
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Within 20 mins, Miao Jingjing arrived.
In about 20 mins, Miao Jingjing originated.
Even though Hong Yifeng was remorseful, without having information, Jing Yunyao will be disciplined if she wiped out him right now.
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“You’ll know before long,” said Jing Yunyao, declining to see him right this moment.
“You know, when the folks of Tiandaozong discover, I’ll be reprimanded. You might have been sent by Tiandaozong! I can’t easily risk my entire life!” Hong Yifeng explained.