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Dual Cultivation

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Chapter 669 – Admitting Defeat actor ambitious
“I realize! I will have supper on you today!” she shouted at some point in the future.
‘Hmph! Just you wait around! I can make you repent humiliating me looking at a lot of people!’
“Perfectly… About that…” Wu Jingjing made to check out Su Yang which has a weak gaze.
Su Yang smiled following experiencing Wu Jiang’s result, and he spoke, “Immortal Fairy Su Yue— you asked if I recognized her, proper? I type of lied for your needs.”
“Oh, no. We’re not married— that’s only a story she made-up. Although, we all do use a unique loved ones.h.i.+p,” he quickly described.
“You may still find a couple of things I have to let you know, father. We have to look at it somewhere else.” Wu Jingjing explained.
“L-Like h.e.l.l I will enable you accomplish that!” Wu Jiang quickly exclaimed before announcing, “Good! I disclose defeat! If neither Sword Intent nor Sword Qi performs upon you, I will shed no matter what I do as a result of regulations of the conflict!”
“B-But you know Immortal Fairy Su Yue?” Wu Jingjing stared at him with amazement in her eyeballs, as she were dying in order to reach the distinguished Immortal Fairy.
Observing this, Su Yang smiled and claimed, “Regardless that I am in the Eastern Region, I do not actually belong to this world.”
‘As a lot as I wish to see for myself what his Sword Will can perform, I have this ominous experience during my gut that’s telling me to retreat out of this sword fight and accept defeat…’
At some point in the future, Wu Jiang moved Wu Jingjing and Su Yang to the Sect Master’s quarters.
Lian Li believed to herself before vanishing from the region shortly after.
“Where by is she at this time? Immortal Fairy Su Yue!” Wu Jiang suddenly required him.
“L-Like h.e.l.l I am going to enable you accomplish that!” Wu Jiang quickly exclaimed before stating, “High-quality! I acknowledge conquer! If neither Sword Purpose nor Sword Qi is effective upon you, I will eliminate regardless of the I actually due to the policies with this battle!”
Dual Cultivation
“Hmph! Also a dead gentleman would get up if he was buried so around your beat!” Lian Li replied while dressed in the Intense Blossom Sect’s disciple robes in her human body.
“She’s on the Eastern Continent,” he was quoted saying.
“Are you pleased now? I won’t try to different the two of you any more, and in regards to the problem with the Lian Spouse and children, I am going to have a speak with Emperor Lian down the road,” Wu Jiang thought to Su Yang. “However, I cannot assurance you that anything will emerge from it.”
“What are you going to do now?” Wu Jiang inquired Su Yang after.
Wu Jingjing viewed Su Yang for a quick minute before talking to a severe term in her facial area, “I… I am going to keep the Sacred Central Region with Su Yang.”
“B-However you know Immortal Fairy Su Yue?” Wu Jingjing stared at him with amazement in their view, as she ended up being death to satisfy the well-known Immortal Fairy.
“Are you pleased now? I won’t try to split the two of you ever again, and regarding the problem with the Lian Friends and family, I am going to use a talk to Emperor Lian afterwards,” Wu Jiang said to Su Yang. “Though, I cannot assure you that anything will emerge from it.”
“I know! I am going to have evening meal along this evening!” she shouted someday later.
Su Yang failed to answer and merely directed at Wu Jingjing.
“T-The Eastern Country?!?!” Wu Jiang endured up from distress. “The way the h.e.l.l have you be capable of go across the Jade Sea?”
The disciples there gasped in jolt after they been told Lian Li’s ideas. They didn’t feel that she would actually accept such a silly request.
Lian Li immediately narrowed her sight to glare at him with an irritated gaze.
“So? What do you want to speak to me about?” Wu Jiang checked out all of them a severe term.
Chapter 669 – Admitting Overcome
‘As considerably as I would like to see for myself what his Sword Will are capable of doing, We have this ominous emotion within my gut that’s showing me to getaway from this sword challenge and disclose defeat…’
“She’s inside the Eastern Country,” he explained.
In the middle of Wu Jiang’s ideas, Su Yang suddenly spoke, “Ah, I neglected to say this but caused by my lack of cultivation basic, I do not have fantastic control of my Sword Will, therefore if I accidentally wipe out you or ruin this sect, you can’t pin the blame on me, acceptable?”
“A hovering boat…?” Wu Jiang quickly frowned. He can only remember somebody else who has a really prize.